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All PULSAR® garments are sourced ethically and responsibly with carefully selected factories worldwide. Suppliers are audited to ensure they do not use child or forced labour, no discrimination, implement an efficient management system, have a good working environment and practices in accordance with local regulations and standards.


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Many engineering challenges human face can be solved by using natural design as a spring board. That’s bionics. BIONIC-FINISH ECO is Mother Natures’s work reproduced on textiles and apparel to protect us from water. To perform. From Mother Nature Ruldolf borrowed the idea of dendrimers, molecules made of multi-functional branches that interact among themselves, cocrystallize, and self-organize into highly ordered, multi-component systems. They optimize the whole structure, attach to the textile and embed fluorine-free water repellent performance. BIONIC-FINISH ECO , based on proprietary dendrimer technology, comes as a family of unique non-halogenated, APEO-free, fluorine-free formulations suited for different applications and needs.


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Containing a minimum of 35% recycled materials such as plastic bottles,NTHERMOITE T3 EcoMade insulation delivers lofty softness and a higher warmth-to-weight ratio while being extremely lightweight. Combined with good packability and recovery, THERMOLITE T3 EcoMade insulation sets a new milestone in terms of wearer comfort. A higher level of water resistance and breathability keeps outdoor workers dry and comfortable, even in demanding conditions. In addition,
THERMOLITE T3 EcoMade technology has outstanding wash durability, which translates into longer garment life and lower environmental impact through fewer replacements and less trash. Lastly it offers benefits to last the lifetime of the garment.

THERMOLITE is a trademark of The LYCRA Company

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Rudholm Group produce trims and all accessories, that is high quality, fit for purpose, functional and adds value to any product. Their goal is to produce products with the least impact on the environment, and that our products will be made  from recyclable material, able to be recycled and upcycled and biodegradable. 


Rudholm Group’s goal is for their products to have the least impact on the environment. This means foregrounding environmental concerns in the design, materials used and their source, the manufacturing process and assembly, the distribution and the end of life of their products.


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Protal is a super high-performance Protex fibre blend, ultimately giving the wearer a consistency of compliance not available with many other FR fabrics. Protal has 3 different levels of fabrics -Protal 1, Protal 3, Protal 5. Protal 's uniquely
balanced and patented blends of Protex fibre, FR viscose and other technical fibres in Protal 3 & 5 produce an inherently
flame retardant fabric range that's strong and extremely durable, yet lightweight, flexible and breathable

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SILVADUR™  antimicrobial technology unites silver ion's elemental powers with a patented delivery system to create an intelligent freshness for a wide range of textile and apparel applications, controlling bacterial that causes unpleasant odors. The SILVADUR™  treatment stays on the fabric surface and stops odors before they start. This helps reduce the need to wash the garment when not dirty, extending the life even further whilst at the same time, reducing energy, water and detergent usage, helping protect our environment.

SILVADUR™ is effective on both natural and synthetic fibres and is compatible with a broad range of textiles, detergents and other finishing treatments. When applied to fabric surfaces and textiles, SILVADUR™ does not impact their feel or aesthetic properties. 

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NATULON® Mechanically Recycled

YKK are the worlds largest zipper/zip pull manufacture. YKK's only mission statement is to manufacture only useful, high quality zippers that would benefit, or enhance, the end-use goods in which they are installed. YKK zippers are made to last longer and perform better than others on the market.

NATULON® product lines are designed for customers who want to increase the recycled content of their products. NATULON® Mechanically Recycled are made from recycled materials such as PET bottles using Mechanical Recycling technologies. The yarn used in the tape of NATULON® Mechanically Recycled zipper is made from more than 99% post-consumer recycled material.

NATULON® Mechanically Recycled Zippers are made using mechanically recycled polyester in which recovered plastic bottles made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) are pulverized, washed, melted, and used as recycled materials.

These are the zips used in our Life range.


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After almost 100 years of production of round cellulosic fibres, 1985 saw the creation of VILOFT - the world’s first flat
viscose fibre. The flat cross section delivers flexibility in the fibres and increases their surface area. When spun into a yarn, VILOFT fibres align in a random pattern and form hollow spaces filled with air.

Viscose fibres are biobased and consist like cotton almost entirely of cellulose. Viscose is produced by extracting cellulose from wood and reshaping it into fibres. The advantage of this process is, that shape and diameter of the fibres can be modified in order to obtain special properties.


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